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Association of oil and gas suppliers SOZVEZDYE was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the Arkhangelsk oblast Administration to unite the industrial potential of the region and participate in the oil and gas projects in the Arctic. SOZVEZDYE Association Board includes PO Sevmash, CS Zvyozdochka, and Northern (Arctic) federal university. Ministry of industry, transport and communication, Ministry of economic development and competitive policy, and also some other relevant ministries and departments in the Government of the Arkhangelsk oblast are actively involved in the activities of the Association as associated members.

At present the database of the Association contains information about more than 180 companies, mostly from the Arkhangelsk oblast and the Nenets Autonomous okrug, engaged in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, transportation and logistics, construction and other industrial sectors.

The main objective of the Association is to maximize involvement of its member-companies in the oil and gas and infrastructure projects, to attract of Russian and international companies to the Arkhangelsk oblast for establishment of production facilities, transfer of technologies and joint participation in oil and gas projects.

SOZVEZDYE Association has developed strong business contacts with oil and gas operators working in the Arctic in terms of delivering information about potential contractors, selection of sites for the integrated logistic base, establishment of production facilities of service companies.

Since 2007 SOZVEZDYE Association has been publishing innovative media-project SOZVEZDYE review magazine. This is a bilingual Russian-English large-format magazine demonstrating the strategy of the Arkhangelsk oblast in the oil and gas developments on the Arctic shelf. The magazine has deserved a reputation of an efficient source of useful contacts and business partners in the north-west of Russia.

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