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Main services, products:

• Engineering surveys for erection of buildings and constructions of I and II level of responsibility on the territories of any degree of complexity (•topographical •site • hydrometeorological • environmental surveys) • Complicated geodetic surveys and map-making • Exploratory and test well drilling for solid minerals • Underground (tunnel) surveys • Laboratory soil investigation, exploration of ground building materials, underground and surface waters • Land measuring work.


Engineering surveys for the construction of oil and gas pipelines, land plots boundary settlement

Production facilities / fixed assets:

Technical equipment provides high quality performance of licensed activities. Electrical tachometers made in Japan, such as Nikon, Sokkia, and satellite observation systems Trimble 4600 LS, Trimble 5700 are used for surveying. For field geotechnical surveys the following equipment is used • Boring machine (borer) УГБ-50М (horizontal drilling installation) at ЗИЛ-131 and ГАЗ-66– 5 units; • УГБ-1ВС (horizontal drilling installation) at tractor ТДТ-55А (skidding disel tractor) - 1 unit; • УКБ 12/25 (core-drilling installation) -4 units; • ПБУ-2 (FDR-2) at ЗИЛ 131-1unit; • Boring machine (borer) БГМ-1М at the off-roader МТЛБ-У (multi-purpose armored tracked tower) – 1 unit; • Boring machine (borer) ББУ-ООО «Openok» at the off-roader BV-206 «Los’»-1 unit; • SPT (static penetration test) installation СП-59 at ЗИЛ-131-1 unit • Set of equipment for field test surveys; • Set of equipment for laboratory investigations of soil, underground and surface waters (Certificate №37/33ОТ dated 16 January 2006 contains the evaluation of laboratory measurements state); and also equipment for cluster and single well unloading; stray current, true resistivity, soil temperature and radiometric characteristics measuring tools. Formation samples are investigated in our own soil laboratory. There is a set of necessary field and laboratory tools for environmental surveys. All field surveys results are processed by such software as: whole range of CREDO, MarInfo 8.0, AutoCAD 2000, Easy Trace 7.9, Trimble. The results of all the work done are given to the Customer in hard copy (printed on paper) and in soft form (on electronic media). List of the most significant projects done by open JSC “Arkhangelsk TISIz” : • Overall engineering surveys for civil and industrial building projects in the cities of Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk, Nar’yan-Mar, Koryazhma (1964-1992); • Nuclear heating plant (1982-1986) • Plants “Polyus” and “Rodonit” in the cities of Arkhangelsk and Novodvinsk; • Water conduit (pipeline) “Permilovo - Arkhangelsk” (1994-1996); • Industrial facilities at the shipbuilding plants in Severodvinsk (1985-2004); • Hydrographic measurements on the shelf of the Dvinskoj Bay (2003-2004); • Routine observations of buildings and constructions subsidence at the Heat electric generation plant in Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk, and also at the oil complexes in the Nenets Autonomous area (1998-2004); • Land inventory, cadastral survey and land boundary settlement in the human settlements of the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous area; • Construction of reference geodetic network in Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk, Koryazhma, Oktyabr’skoe, Nemets Autonomous Area (1998-2004); • Carbonate rock properties study in Plesetskij district for civil and industrial construction (1980-2004) • Surveys on the feasibility study stage, project, engineering technical documentation for the Mining-and-processing integrated works at the diamond-bearing deposit named after M.V.Lomonosov (1990-2005);

Number of employees: 96
Annual turnover: 75000000
Main Russian customers: Open JSC Nar’yanmarneftegas, Production Enterprise Northern machine-building plant, FSUE Machine-building plant Zvezdochka, Open JSC Severalmaz, Polar Lights Company ltd, Open JSC Oil company Rosneft-Arkhangelsknefteproduct.
Main foreign customers: Lei AG Baumanagement
Name of the Head of the company: Director General – Kabanikhin Aleksandr V.
Office address: 163020, Arkhangelsk, Nikolsky av., 15
Postal address: 163020, Arkhangelsk, Nikolsky av., 15
Tel, fax: +7(8182) 23-10-40, 23-31-10

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163004 Russia , Arkhangelsk , pl. Lenin 4 , Office 1210

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+7 (8182) 28-69-30, +7 (8182) 28-69-10

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