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Main services, products:

Construction of buildings and structures, machinery rent, installation of engineering equipment in buildings and structures, construction of hydraulic structures, construction of port facilities, construction of water facilities, construction of runways and sports facilities, laying of main pipelines, communication and power lines

Main activities:

  • General construction works
  • Construction of buildings and structures
  • General construction works on mainlaying
  • Construction of hydraulic structures
  • Road freight transport
  • Construction of motorways, airfields and sports constructions
  • Construction site preparation
  • Mining area preparation
  • Earthwork operations
  • General construction works on motorway pipelines, communication and power lines for motorways, railroads, and airfield runways

Customer – Severalmaz JSC:
- construction of rotational village, MPD and manufacturing unit treatment facilities
- construction of waterways and dewatering wells collectors
- construction of “MPD border – 8D intersection” motorway
- tail facilities dam hydraulic structure buildup to +134 point
- maintenance of the “Arkhangelsk – Svetly” motorway (2012 – present), total 87 km

Customer – Lukoil PJSC:
- Padun sand-and-gravel material on site development, crushing, sorting, and recultivation, 2014-2016

Customer – Titan Development LLC:
- construction pit development with further sand backfill for “Titan Arena” mall in Arkhangelsk

Customer – AKS CJSC:
- environmental remedial action on Franz Joseph Land archipelago (2012-2015), Severny island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago (2014-2015)

Customer – Zapsibgazprom-Gazifikatsiya LLC:
- floor preparation for the project “Airfield construction, Zemlya Aleksandry, Franz Joseph Land archipelago, 2015 – present”

Production facilities / fixed assets:

- mobile crushing equipment (Terex, Sandvik, Metso)
- over 110 machinery items (23 dumping trucks, 14 bulldozers, 21 excavator-loaders, 12 cranes, 13 items of crushing equipment, 34 items of auxiliary and special purpose machinery)
- construction aggregate bagging line
- 10 290 m2 production area (4 840 m2 storage facilities)

Number of employees: 380
Annual turnover: 693 086.93 mln rub
Main Russian customers: Arkhangelskgeoldobycha JSC, Arkhangelskgeolrazvedka CJSC, Lukoil PJSC, Severalmaz PJSC, Zapsibgazprom-Gazifikatsiya CJSC, Kontinent CJSC, Spetsstroy-1 CJSC
Name of the Head of the company: Alexander V. Shadrin, Director General
Office address: 163002 Arkhangelsk, Obvodny kanal pr.,9/1, bdg.4
Postal address: 163002 Arkhangelsk, Obvodny kanal pr.,9/1, bdg.4
Tel, fax: +7 (8182) 42 19 20
Licences, Certificates, Quality Management Systems:

License of the Arkhangelsk Regional Office of the Russian Federal Security Service

Certificate CPO-С-234-07022011

Auditor Compliance Certificate ISO 9001-2011

Quality Management System Compliance Certificate ISO 9001:2011

Contact information

Our address:

163004 Russia , Arkhangelsk , pl. Lenin 4 , Office 1210

Our phone:

+7 (8182) 28-69-30, +7 (8182) 28-69-10

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