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Main services, products:

Search and rescue operations onshore and offshore, oil spill response

Main services, products:

- Hydrographic survey vessels for marine field works – Whole range of hydrographic works –buoy-inspection services

Main services, products:

Automatization in power engineering, construction of power facilities, engineering infrastructure of enterprises, gas compressor equipment

Main services, products:

- rescue and marine casualties recovery works - oil spill response works - inspection and certification of rescue equipment at HCC station - shipboard personnel training at educational ship “Kotlas” according to the Convention ПДМНВ 78/95 - subsea engineering works - subordinate fleet services

Contact information

Our address:

163004 Russia , Arkhangelsk , pl. Lenin 4 , Office 1210

Our phone:

+7 (8182) 28-69-30, +7 (8182) 28-69-10

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