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3-4 December 2013 will see Adam Smith Conferences’ 1st international Unconventional Oil & EOR Forum to be held Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow.

Unconventional oil exploration and EOR technologies are the latest trends in the Russian oil industry, and since Russia has the largest unconventional oil reserves in the world, everyone wants to know how the projects in the Bazhenov field are progressing, what solutions have been chosen, and how operational and technical challenges are going to be addressed.

Join the industry’s front-runners, leading strategists and key government officials at this unique event in Moscow in December, to receive comprehensive answers to all your questions, hear the latest project updates and global experience, take part in hot debates, and make invaluable business connections – all in just two days!

40+ Outstanding Speakers at Unconventional Oil & EOR in Russia include:

•Valery Yazev, Deputy Chairman, State Duma of the Russian Federation
•Ivan Grachev, Chairman, Energy Committee, State Duma of the Russian Federation
•Pavel Zavalny, Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Energy, President, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian Gas Society
•Gennady Shmal, President, Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia
•Chris Faulkner, CEO, Breitling Energy Services
•Yury Plakitkin, PhD, Professor, Deputy Director, Energy Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
•Grigoriy Vygon, Director, Energy Centre, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
•Anatoly Dmitrievsky, PhD, Professor, Director, Institute of Oil & Gas, Russian Academy of Sciences
•Tatyana Mitrova, Head of Oil and Gas Department, Energy Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
•Aida Sitdikova, Director for Energy and Natural Resources, Russia and Central Asia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Event highlights:

Messages from regulators - keynote presentations: Hear senior officials from both Federal and Regional Government outline their policies and plans for unconventional oil (UO) development in Russia

NOCs and IOCs in Russia – strategic insights: What are the current business strategies, timeframes and capacities for UO development? What can IOCs bring to the table in Russia?

Industry leaders’ debate - Russia’s Unconventional Future: What incentives are required, including financial and tax privileges, to boost UO exploration in Russia? What are the strategies for advancing UO development? What is the current chain for oil transportation and logistics?

Global experience & case studies: Case Studies of unconventional oil development from North America and beyond, providing practical insights into the technical and operational challenges & solutions for UO projects

Russian experience in unconventional oil & EOR: case studies - Mapping the opportunities for developing unconventional fields in Russia: unconventional oil development projects in the Bazhenov shale formation, Achimov formations, future plans for exploration in Tyumen, and Khadum formations

“Strategic” vs. “technical” parallel streams, focusing on:
Markets & Economics for Unconventional Oil
Infrastructure, Logistics and Delivery
New and Emerging UO & EOR Technologies

Oil production and the environment – going greener: A comparative analysis of extraction technologies in terms of environmental safety. How to lessen the impact of EOR on the environment - eliminating seismic activity during hydraulic fracturing, reducing pollution of waters by chemicals, and minimising the environmental footprint of oil exploration & production.

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