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Dear Colleague,

This is the 3rd and last Industry Workshop for Environmental Protection, Monitoring Systems & Oil Spill Contingency Focus Area within the national strategic project: Russian - Norwegian Oil & Gas Industry Cooperation in the High North (RU-NO Barents Project). The RU-NO Barents Project will identify the challenges, assess the technology/solutions currently available and the technology/solutions needed for extracting oil and gas resources in the Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas in an environmentally sound and safe way. Once concluded, the Project will show where there is a need for innovation and further technological development. Does this present an opportunity for your company? Please distribute to other relevant colleagues in your company.

Check our website for further RU-NO Barents Project details:

1. Executive Summary
2. Project Description
3. RU-NO Barents Brochure Industry Workshop for Environmental Protection, Monitoring Systems & Oil Spill Contingency By attending the Industry Workshop for Environmental Protection, Monitoring Systems & Oil Spill Contingency, you will have the opportunity to participate in working groups to assess common technology challenges faced by both Russia and Norway in developing the High North.

Participants will also be given the possibility to present and analyse existing technology, methods and best practice. This Industry Workshop will be held at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil & Gas, Moscow, Russia on Thursday 28 November 2013 and will be arranged as part of a seminar on Environmental legislation, risk assessment, safety and technology in the petroleum sector that the “Norwegian-Russian environmental cooperation” will held from 26 – 28 November 2013. You may register your participation for both this seminar and the RU-NO Barents Project Industry Workshop.

Preliminary agenda is available on INTSOK's website. Participants will receive an initial document as a foundation for the Workshop, describing:
— Arctic technology challenges
— Best available technological solutions today
— Known technology gaps Open Floor: Participating companies are given the possibility to present their experience, technology and methods – Max 2 slides/5 mins. each.

Request to present and submittal of presentations for approval by Task Force Manager/Core Team to be sent to Erik Bjørnbom e-mail: , latest Monday 25 November 2013. Key areas of interest:

— Oil spill contingency (detection, monitoring and combatting)
— Environmental and oil spill risk analysis
— Biodiversity
— Environmental monitoring

The "Environmental Protection, Monitoring Systems and Oil Spill Contingency" task force will focus on acute discharges and relevant environmental issues related to ongoing and planned oil & gas activity in the Barents, Pechora and Kara seas. The End Report will be sent on circulation for comments by all participants. Workshop setting will provide time for networking opportunities and business discussions.

Practical information:
— Register your Workshop attendance on INTSOK's website by no later than Thursday 21 November 2013
— The RU-NO Barents Project is based on industry in-kind contribution, i.e. each company covers its own costs.
— There is no participation fee (Workshop includes lunch and coffee breaks and reception)
— All participants are responsible for their own travel related reservations and costs, e.g. accommodation, flights, etc., obtaining necessary visas and related visa fees.

Please refer to the Russian Embassy's website for visa application process. As INTSOK can not issue invitation letters, you may contact one of the following directly for assistance:
— FliatGroup
— Comet Consular Services
— Privjet Have a pleasant weekend and please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries. With kind regards / Med vennlig hilsen Thor Christian Andvik, Erik Bjørnbom, Håkon Skretting, Vladimir Ryashin, Nikki E. Mooki -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTSOK - Promoting Norwegian Oil and Gas Capabilities in International markets Mobile: Andvik +4790955240 / Bjørnbom +47 90204768 / Skretting +47905653693 / Ryashin +79037980997 / Mooki +4790553361 Web: |

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