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The main topics of the issue:

(4) Authorities

Arctic-Focused Thrust

Governor of Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov told us about Pomorland’s prospects within the offshore oil and gas projects and role in the industrial exploitation of the Arctic.

(16) Cover Story

Maritime Hydraulic Engineers

For more than twenty years GT Corporation has been successfully performing its operations in the White, Barents, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas. Its construction projects include mooring berths, jetties, quay piers, bank protecting structures, quaysides and watch lights. GT’s division operating in Arkhangelsk Region is GT Sever, the corporation’s youngest branch.

(26) Technologies

MPCP: Protected Pipelines

Moscow Pipe Coating Plant (JSC) is expanding into the Russian continental shelf. Delivering its services in the north and in the south of Russia, the company is partner in large-scale oil and gas projects.


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