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The main topics of the issue:

(4) Cover story

What’s There in Stock to Substitute Imported Goods?

The economic sanctions on Russia bring the issues of import substitution and oil and gas industry localization to the foreground.

(10) Logistics

Where Does Cargo Traffic Flow

Understanding of maritime and sea logistics peculiarities is the key to successful cargo delivery in Arctic regions. Sofia Katkova, Project Manager in MorStroyTechnologia (Maritime Technology) company speaks of these peculiarities.

(24) Technologies

PCWC: High Performance, Safety, Savings

Russia’s oil and gas industry is challenged by requirement to enhance the operational and the environmental safety of its pipelines. High on the agenda are also ways to ensure cost-efficiency through innovative domestic applications.

(32) Production

Drill Age Container Fleet

Exploration and test drilling in the Arctic calls for Russian businesses to provide a range of dedicated services. Belfreight, with its Murmansk-based drilling sludge container fleet to service offshore platforms in the Kara and Pechora Seas, exactly falls within this range.


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