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The main topics of the issue:

(4) Project

Novatek’s Arctic Projects

July 21, Skolkovo, Novatek discussed the upcoming LNG project with potential contractors. The meeting mainly discussed how capital expenditure could be minimized and efficiency maximized.

(10) Strategy

Dmitry Purim: About the Northeast Passage

The Northeast Passage is, in the first place, an inland waterway. This is how is it being referred to by Chairman of Sovfracht Management Board Dmitry Purim. Sozvezdye asked him to share his vision of the future of the Arctic traffic and how it should be managed.

(34) Safety

New Code, New Rules

On January 1, the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, or the Polar Code, developed by IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee, entered into force. From now on, all ships failing to meet its prescriptions will be prohibited from navigating in high latitudes.

(38) Trends

Gas in Arkhangelsk: Compression vs. Combustion

Te advantageous geographical location and the availability of a major gas pipeline with gas distribution stations make the sea port of Arkhangelsk look attractive to investors in smaller-capacity installations for liquefying and shipping natural gas.

(50) Innovations

Import Substitution by Zvyozdochka

Situated in Severodvinsk, Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center is one of Russia’s major producers of propeller screws. To promote its “propulsion” portfolio, several years ago Zvyozdochka set up the Center for Propulsion Systems.


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