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Sozvezdye Review #28


Sozvezdye Review #28


Sozvezdye Review #28


Sozvezdye Review #28



Sozvezdye Review #28


Sozvezdye Review #28

Sozvezdye Review #28

The main topics of the issue:

(4) Partnership


Access to new orders, strengthening of production cooperation, increasing the competencies of its participants, conversion to modern technological solutions are the tasks that have underlain future changes in the work of the Shipbuilding Cluster of Pomorye. Its new name, Association “Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering Cluster in Arkhangelsk Region”, is not just a change of sign and organizational form, it is a new management philosophy of the association.

(10) Strategy


The Arkhangelsk-based businesses with commitment to place orders for new trawlers with domestic shipyards, will be granted by the government an extra, 14 thousand ton fishing quota. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Federal Agency for Fishery, the extra quotas are designed to foster Russia’s civil shipbuilding industry.

(16) Development


Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet is the first company in Arkhangelsk Oblast to join the national program of fishing quotas and to make an order of new vessels at Russian shipyards. Alexey Zaplatin, ATF Director General, tells us about new trawlers under construction and the shore infrastructure.

(34) Outlook


Over a hundred of Arkhangelsk Oblast companies participated in construction of the Sabetta port and LNG plant on the Yamal Peninsula. Next, even larger project, that Arkhangelsk companies are ready to be involved in, is Arctic LNG 2; it includes creation of Center for Construction of High-Capacity Offshore Facilities in Murmansk Oblast and further manufacture of offshore platforms – natural gas liquefaction lines.

(44) Trends


In Russia’s industrial makeup, shipbuilding constitutes a major sector with ample research and engineering potential. As the cargo database diversifies, more and more domestic businesses are getting involved in engineering and construction of ships and their components.


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Sozvezdye Review

Sozvezdye Review #28Sozvezdye Review #28Sozvezdye Review #28 Sozvezdye Review #28 

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