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Membership in the Association Sozvezdye opens up new opportunities for your business:

  • database of suppliers and contractors: information about your company will be available to oil and gas operators, their contractors and suppliers in the database of Association Sozvezdye
  • information about oil and gas projects: you will get relevant and latest information about the status and development of oil and gas projects in the Arctic
  • business match-making: you will be provided with reliable and relevant information about local supplier industry, production capacities and investment projects of the local companies from the Arkhangelsk oblast, which will help you to search for partners, establish joint ventures, transfer technologies, start and develop your business in the area
  • business arrangements: you will be invited to participate in the arrangements organized by Association Sozvezdye in together with the oil and gas operators and their contractors
  • programs and projects: you will be involved in programs and projects aimed at development of cooperation and creation of environment for marketing Association member-companies to the oil and gas businesses
  • presentations: we make joint exhibition stands and group visits to exhibitions and forums, trade missions and presentations in Russia and outside it for promotion of our member-companies, discussion of possibilities for joint participation in oil and gas projects, attraction of investors, business-partners and new customers
  • business visits: we arrange group and individual visits by Russian and foreign companies to the Arkhangelsk region on the “turn-key” basis, including program development, selection of relevant local companies for meetings and negotiations, visits to production sites of local companies, visa support, booking of hotels and transfers

Contact information

Our address:

163004 Russia , Arkhangelsk , pl. Lenin 4 , Office 1210

Our phone:

+7 (8182) 28-69-30, +7 (8182) 28-69-10

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