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Optimist Group is the first Russian company to qualify for producing offshore containers under supervision of Norwegian DNV. The first lot of containers has already been produced and shipped to Prirazlomnaya oil platform. Offshore containers are used for open-sea transshipment mainly on offshore drilling platforms. Goods necessary for drilling platforms functioning are diverse, thus there are many types of containers.

Offshore containers have increased construction qualities such as strength and reliability due to the use of heavy-duty materials and special supervision of the classification societies. Depending on the use offshore containers may have additional elements to fix the load in the container. Chains that come with containers are often used for that instead of slings. All offshore containers are produced under supervision of the international classification societies.

The product line of Optimist Group includes, for example, drilling waste containers. They provide safe and efficient storing of drilling waste during its transportation to recycling or burial facilities. The container was designed and produced in accordance with international standards and under supervision of Det Norske Veritas. The light aluminum lid (not more than 25 kg.) ensures that the container opens and closes easily and safely while its size increases logistics efficiency by allowing to fill the whole unit. The lid is also leak-proof and prevents any spills during transportation. Thanks to the special design, there is no need to climb onto the container. Forklift pockets are provided.


  • The surface is sand blasted SA2.5 in accordance with ISO 8501-1
  • External nominal dimensions: (L x W x H, mm) 2202 х 1842 х 1600
  • Tare mass: 1 750 kgs
  • Max payload: 9 250 kgs
  • Max. gross mass: 11 000 kgs
  • Net volume: 4,08 m3
  • Operating temperature: -40 / +30  ОС
  • Lifting points: 4
  • Max. sling angle of the lifting equipment (from vertical): 35О
  • Shackle bolt diameter: 28 mm.

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